Clearing the snow from the stairs - Beijing
Suzhou channel sunset - New District
The Red Flag
Traditional architecture, detail
Skyline - Hongkong
Suzhou - Jin Ji Hu by night
Modern railway station
Financial center of Shanghai - The Bund
Towers - in Suzhou New City
Traditional welcoming of guests is is also done in the city - getting to know each other is important
Modern houses - good living is important to everyone
High speed trains - go with 315 km/hour, with better comfort than airplanes
Copying European design has been profound...but this is changing
Bikes for rent -  Hangzhou
Calligraphic brushes - the ancient art of lettering
Canal with the houses in Old Suzhou - Marco Polo’s »Venice of the East« - city is 2,500 years old
Street fruit vendor
Night skyline - Guangzhou, fastest growing city in China
Suzhou »Moon Harbor« by night - lights turn off at 10 PM
The highways
PLA guard is rotating - around Tian'an men Square, Central Beijing
Towers and harbor of Hongkong
Floating Fishermans Village »Aberdeen« - Hongkong
Chaoyang Business District, central Beijing
Woman on bicycle, Beijing
Hunting the traditional way - still kept a live in Mongolia; hunting is forbidden in China

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A collection of photos from China.

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