Making business in China

You know that it has always been important to identify your core competences in order to develop and compete in new markets. Working in China poses some challenges that may be very different from what you have been used to.

The culture, the language, and decision processes, the ways Chinese form networks are all something you will have to learn about.

Having worked with great projects in China for the last five years has given me tons of experience – and a very useful network on all levels of the Chinese society. I can help you structure your effort, find your ways through bureaucracy, let you to meet the right people, and communicate in the proper way.

The possibilities in China are immense.
You just have to do it right.

I help businesses that are looking for opportunities in China to establish the relevant network – so they are in control of what’s going on.

Building your own strong network – the Chinese word is Guanxi – is essential to doing any kind of business in China. It requires empathy, boldness and patience … and without it, things may soon get very complicated.

My job is to accelerate “cultural competencies” that are important for interacting with – authorities, partners, employees, etc. / taking already proven way of doing things.

The next step is building new competencies in the organization. My core focus areas are:

  • Strategic and tactical leadership
  • Customer relationships
  • Policy deployment
  • Research & Development
  • Sales
  • Project management
  • Contracting (sub-contracting and turnkey)
  • Engineering (software, electronics and mechanical systems)

In the process, we will be working closely with relevant authorities in Denmark and China.

Please contact me for more information.

What Is Guanxi?

Guanxi refers to the benefits gained from social connections and usually extends from extended family, school friends, workmates and members of common clubs or organizations. It is custom for Chinese people to cultivate an intricate web of guanxi relationships, which may expand in a huge number of directions, and includes lifelong relationships. Staying in contact with members of your network is not necessary to bind reciprocal obligations. Reciprocal favors are the key factor to maintaining one’s guanxi web, failure to reciprocate is considered an unforgivable offense. The more you ask of someone the more you owe them. Guanxi can perpetuate a never ending cycle of favors.

(From the article on Guanxi in the English Wikipedia)

China on its way to innovative country