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A sample of a few texts that may serve as inspiration for yourself – and as an introduction to the way I work:

How China Transforms an Executive’s Mind

by Nandani Lynton & Kirsten Høgh Thøgersen. Organizational Dynamics, vol. 35, No. 2, 2006

A very interesting article on the cognitive, emotional and social challenges executives are confronted with. Based on interviews with European CEOs.

Lack Of Creativity Among Chinese People Is A Myth

by Egon Hygom Poulsen. Gmagazine 2012.

Now, the Chinese are learning to ask the question “why” when faced with a task, and this makes them more innovative…

How To Build A Bridge And Drive On It At The Same Time

by Hanne Poder Sørensen. 2009.

It only took 12 months to develop and manufacture two prototypes of the V60 turbine for the Chinese market. The explanation of the impressive result? Focus on people and processes. And in many ways a turnaround of the traditional approach to things. Read the article and be inspired.

Useful Links

Winning Mandarin is the new Mandarin learning school on the block. We have been around in Shanghai for a year now, making learning Mandarin fun with our great team of teachers.

Kinakonsulenten – edited by Hanna Leanderdal. Danish and English versions.

McKinsey & Company has a section – Insights & Publications – with focus on China.

Business leaders of multinational organizations are often confronted with cross-cultural differences. These differences can cause misunderstandings and awkward situations between people. Especially when people feel they are losing Face. Cross-Cultural Leadership

“If a leader is moved from a company with export success in a market, the new company inherited something of export success. In this way we can prove that leaders affect the ability of a firm to enter a new market, “says Philipp Schröder.  New Research: Finding the Recipe for International Trade Success